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In the Spring of 2006 I left my job as Vice President of Barricade Books, an independent book publisher. On any given day my responsibilities included those of a Production Manager, Art Director, Managing Editor, Sales Manager, and IT Department.

After 9 years I found myself burnt out on the industry and my job. I left in hopes of leading the quiet life of a freelance designer. I was done with all of the stupidities of the publishing industry and the challenges of being an independent publisher. I wanted to wake up in the morning, create something, submit it, and get paid.

After a few weeks I found myself flooded with publishing ideas and eager to get back involved. I figure, as a publishing outsider, I can do things differently. Hopefully I can do things better. So I am currently trying to build a consulting business (in addition to the design business) that will help authors and publishers with the publishing process.

My boss and mentor at Barricade was Lyle Stuart. For the unitnitiated, Lyle was the original renegade independent book publisher. He passed away in June 2006. I named this blog "The Independent" as a tribute to him.


Rock and Roll, Baseball, & Provocative Ideas.